The Landing

A resort along Current River

The Challenge

I was contacted by Smart Marketing and asked to create a one of a kind Website for their client, The Landing. The real challenge to this project was that their business is actually several distinct businesses housed at the same location. They wanted their floating business, their lodge, their restaurant, and their event center to all have their own prominent design and brand. Yet, they also wanted everything to appear cohesive.

The Solution

In the end, I decided that we would give each “brand” (separate business” a separate and distinct color palette, but try to connect everything with a familiar feel to keep it all linked together.  It was fun. It was challenging. And based upon the feedback we received on social media and the number of subscribers their list took on after the project’s completion, we are going to say that it was also a rousing success!


The home page was made to make visitors aware of the fact that The Landing is more than just for floating trips. At the same time, that is the lifeblood of their business, so we really wanted to highlight that feature. We accomplished that by using a scrolling header that showed each facet of the business, as well as by using engaging background video on one of the sections.
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The Landing’s Floating Page
The Landing’s Lodging Page
The Landing’s Events’ Center
The Landing’s Dining Page

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