Thank You & Welcome!

I’m glad to have you on board, and I’m ready to help you.
For starters, I highly recommend that you BOOKMARK THIS PAGE right now.  I’ll be adding more content to it over the next several days as we move away from the Beta and transition towards the full release.  So keep checking back to claim additional goodies!

First Things First

As most of you know, I design almost exclusively on Divi from Elegant Themes.  I want to assure you that having an Elegant Themes license/subscription is NOT required to utilize the techniques I am going to teach you.  That being said, it is a phenomenally POWERFUL & SIMPLE framework to build upon.  Not only that, but I will be designing EXCLUSIVE and PROFESSIONAL Divi child themes for my VIP Inner Circle members (of which you are now one). There will be no additional charge for these themes, and there will be no way to get them other than through the Inner Circle.  And if you look around you will see that a single Divi child theme can cost $50, $100, or even as much as $200 each.  And my VIPs will be getting a minimum of two each month.  So if you want to make your design work easier, more enjoyable, AND capitalize on and LEGALLY STEAL my own work, I highly recommend you buy Divi today.  Again, it isn’t required, but it WILL make your membership much, MUCH more valuable!

Now that you have subscribed, here are the inital files and plans for the next several days.

Your BSO Downloads

Download 0 – The Original Training Document
This is the document that brought you all here. I highly recommend you download it and keep an offline copy. Study it and learn it well.  And to be honest, MOST of the questions you guys have asked me are already answered inside.

Download 1 – Offline Flyers
Use these to create flyers you or your team can distribute to local businesses to get design clients without online advertising. 2 Templates in PSD (Photoshop) and 2 Templates in PDN (use the FREE Paint.NET)

“Download 2” – Facebook Chiro Video Ads

I target mobile and desktop viewers separately and render my videos to best take advantage of that. Here’s the 720×900 mobile example and the 1280×720 desktop example.

Check back daily for new downloads

Private Facebook VIP Inner Circle

Click here to request access to our private Facebook group.  This is primarily where ongoing coaching will take place. We will also be using the Facebook Live feature to host our bi-weekly webinars.  You’re sure to love it, and if you don’t it’s probably only because you like lame stuff.

P.S. A lot of you have asked who I use for hosting for myself and my clients.  I use and recommend Siteground Cloud servers.  They are incredibly powerful, reliable, optimized for speed and WordPress, and best of all WELL SUPPORTED!  In the past 4 years I have been with them, I have probably had to open 3o to 40 support tickets for various reasons.  I can’t recall a single instance where it took them more than 20 minutes to follow-up with me.  And more often than not, they do so within five to ten.