The FREElancer’s BSO Guide to Making More by Giving Away Design Work than Selling It!

Many freelancers struggle with trying to find clients who are willing to pay for quality Web design. With this course you will learn how to turn this supposed obstacle into a strength by GIVING them the design work in exchange for hosting, maintenance, and a variety of upsells.  I recommend you get started by saving a copy of the popular forum post that led to the creation of this BSO.

Module 1 : Offline Resources

This BSO was originally going to be a look at Facebook lead generation only, but due to popular request I decided to include a module on finding clients offline. I also include a few flyer templates to help you get off and running.

Module 2 : Niche Specific Facebook Ads

Take a sneak peak at what an actual “free web site” client getting promotion on Facebook looks like. Steal the outline and duplicate it in your own efforts.

Module 3 : Basic, But Effective Ad Targeting

Effective ad targeting is essential for a successful campaign. In the Inner Circle (hopefully you took me up on that), we will cover good ad targeting many times from many ways. But for this BSO, we wanted to demonstrate a very easy to do method that you can put to work on day one.

Module 4 : Steal My Sales Funnel

I share my landing page, checkout page, and then order completion questionnaire page with you.  Technically speaking, you actually get TWO landing pages, but who is counting?

Module 5 : Lead Generation Funnels VS Sales

In Chapter 4, we didn’t waste any time. We drove traffic to a sales/checkout focused page. In Chapter 5, we will discuss how you can use Facebook and your site to create leads that you or your sales team follows up with later instead of trying to close the deal on a prospective client’s first visit.

Module 6 - Infinity: The VIP Inner Circle

If you’re seeing this, you told me that you did NOT want access to the VIP Inner Circle.  Based on the rave reviews it is receiving, that was probably the wrong move.

That being said, if you want to come aboard now, I am willing to give you a second chance at a reduced rate ($75/month instead of the regular $100/month), IF (Big IF) you follow a couple simple directions and act in a timely manner.

For those keeping score at home, I consider “timely” to mean 14 days from the date you purchased the BSO. If you take longer than that to act, I don’t care how nicely you ask or how much you plead, you’re always welcomed to join us, but that rate is going to be a hard and fast $100 per month. And it’s worth every penny at that price!


1. Return to the BSO thread on the forum and leave some positive feedback to encourage others to make the same wise decision you did in grabbing this value packed $5 course.

2. Message me on bestblackhatforum.com with the email address you used when you purchased the BSO and the date you did so.  I will confirm that it is accurate.  If it is, I will send you a special link that will grant you a $25/month discount to the Inner Circle.

Jace Barnett


The JaceMan has been successfully running Web design and marketing businesses for over two decades now. In that time, he has used every method imaginable to find and GET new clients.  The most obvious truth he has encountered in that time is that giving services away is a heck of a lot easier than selling them.  And although it goes against natural expectations, it can also be much more profitable.  He (ok ME… let’s face it, I’m the one writing this) is glad to have you here.