Chapter Five Lead Generation Funnels VS Sales Funnels

In Chapter 4, we didn’t waste any time. We drove traffic to a sales/checkout focused page. In Chapter 5, we will discuss how you can use Facebook and your site to create leads that you or your sales team follows up with later instead of trying to close the deal on a prospective client’s first visit.

Visual Aids

The Mobile Ad

The Desktop Ad

Ads Explained

Lead Gen Ad vs Sales Focused Ads Seen in Chapter 2

Alright, I’m not going to spend a terrible amount of time covering what you see here, as I think it should be fairly obvious what the differences are. This should be even more the case if you have been paying attention for the first four chapters and working yourself through the BSO in a linear fashion.

If that doesn’t apply to you, my recommendation is to go back to the beginning and work your way through from chapters 1 through 5, in order, WITHOUT SKIPPING around!

Ok, with that housekeeping out of the way, here goes…

The only real differences between lead gen ads and the sales focused ads you saw before is PURPOSE.  

Granted, I did choose to use image ads in this case instead of video, but that doesn’t matter. Either type of video will work for either purpose.  What is actually worth looking at here is the message being conveyed.

In chapter 2, we made it very clear that the prospective client was leaving Facebook to claim their web site.  It was anything but subtle.  In this case, however, we don’t even mention Web development (free or otherwise) at all.  Our goal, instead, is to entice them to visit our site so that we can score an invaluable opt-in which will allow us to to begin an email or phone follow-up with them.

PRO TIP!  If you’re smart, when you put together your 5, 10, 20 things guide that you use to get them to opt in, each “TIP” you provide will ultimately be a different marketing service that you can provide to them. 

I’m not suggesting you write up a sales pitch either.  I’m suggesting you give REAL content. VALUABLE content!  Explain to them different techniques for growing their business and why they might want to employ them.  But after you have done that, leave your “calling card” and remind them that if they don’t have the time or knowledge to put all of those pieces into play that you are standing by to do it for them so that they are free to concentrate on running their business instead.

Jace Barnett


The JaceMan has been successfully running Web design and marketing businesses for over two decades now. In that time, he has used every method imaginable to find and GET new clients.  The most obvious truth he has encountered in that time is that giving services away is a heck of a lot easier than selling them.  And although it goes against natural expectations, it can also be much more profitable.  He (ok ME… let’s face it, I’m the one writing this) is glad to have you here.