Chapter Three Basic, but Effective Ad Targeting

Effective ad targeting is essential for a successful campaign. In the Inner Circle (hopefully you took me up on that), we will cover good ad targeting many times from many ways. But for this BSO, we wanted to demonstrate a very easy to do method that you can put to work on day one.

Video Content

This video was taken from a live Inner Circle webinar that we did that was an hour an 15 minutes long. We condensed it for the BSO.  As you watch it, you will probably hear me reference quite a few valuable things that we “aren’t going to cover in this session.” All of those are lessons that either have been or will be explored in the private VIP Inner Circle group on Facebook. If you find any of those topics interesting and haven’t yet joined, that may be another reason to come on board.

Jace Barnett


The JaceMan has been successfully running Web design and marketing businesses for over two decades now. In that time, he has used every method imaginable to find and GET new clients.  The most obvious truth he has encountered in that time is that giving services away is a heck of a lot easier than selling them.  And although it goes against natural expectations, it can also be much more profitable.  He (ok ME… let’s face it, I’m the one writing this) is glad to have you here.