Chapter Two Niche Specific Facebook Ads

Take a sneak peak at what an actual “free web site” client getting promotion on Facebook looks like. Steal the outline and duplicate it in your own efforts.

Visual Aids

The Mobile Ad

The Desktop Ad

Video Content

The Mobile Video – 720 wide x 900 high

If you see black bars on the side of the video, you can ignore them. They aren’t there on Facebook nor the ads. It’s only a result of how YouTube displays vertical videos.

The Desktop Video – 1280 wide x 720 high

External Resources

Jace Barnett


The JaceMan has been successfully running Web design and marketing businesses for over two decades now. In that time, he has used every method imaginable to find and GET new clients.  The most obvious truth he has encountered in that time is that giving services away is a heck of a lot easier than selling them.  And although it goes against natural expectations, it can also be much more profitable.  He (ok ME… let’s face it, I’m the one writing this) is glad to have you here.